What Our SNAAK'ers Are Saying

– Christy “Redrocket” Keely, PT, DPT, Coach, Professional Cyclist and SNAAK BAR afficionada

“I choose SNAAK Bar because every single ingredient has a role in my performance and recovery.  The amazing taste is a great bonus.”

– Brian McCulloch, Big Wheel Coach, Professional Cyclist

“When out on long training days traditional cycling ‘food’ can get boring, but there are so many tasty SNAAK Bar flavors all with the piece of mind that comes with homemade nutrition. That’s something I need as a pro cyclist because food is fuel!”

– Carlos Rivera, Graphic Designer Innovative Signs and Designs

“SNAAK BARS are an awesome product! I have worked with Anke and Leon the founders of SNAAK BAR since the beginning. The Chocolate Hazelnut bar is my favorite. When I’m creating and designing for my clients the chocolate bar is my go to snack it tastes so good and gives me great energy!”

– Ben Renkema, Red Rocket Revolution Coach, Professional Cyclist

“I’ve been racing at an elite level for over 22 years and have ridden for professional teams with nutrition sponsors, so I’ve had every kind of ride food you can think of over those years. I’m so glad I met Anke and Leon of SNAAK BAR so they could introduce me to the best ride food on the market! I love SNAAK Bars because they taste so good, I don’t forget to eat on the bike! The bars are packed with amazing ingredients, so I also enjoy them off the bike for a healthy grab n’ go!”

– Leonard Kirschner, Owner & Mechanic, Caroles Auto / LK Performance

“Since I am a small business owner and mechanic I work long hours, good nutrition and energy are very important to me. I really enjoy the taste and texture of SNAAK BARS they cure my hunger and I like the packaging too!”

– Gary Shuey, G. Shuey Construction and California State Champion in Mountain Bike and Time Trial.

“With 25 years racing and a local and State Champion in mountain bike, road bike and time trial, nutrition has always been paramount. SNAAK BARS pure organic superfood ingredients deliver the kind of sustained energy required for competition and training.”

– Evan Garcia, Chemist, Athlete

“SNAAK BAR my secret weapon. I use it to give me a competitive edge in training and competition.”

– Shawn McCulloch, Endurance Cyclist

“SNAAK bars are the best fuel for cycling I’ve tried. Met the SNAAK bar folks at an endurance camp and have carried SNAAK bars on every ride since. I ordered two cases of the Green Tea Superberry, and the Apricot AlmondDark Chocolate, both are great! I had the opportunity to learn the story behind the bar and the years of work and research done to provide the healthiest options for fueling and the reason for providing this incredible product… Family. It tastes great, loaded with everything your body needs, and easy on the stomach! I haven’t had a bar of yours I didn’t like either! Thank you for making great nutrition products!”

– Mark, London, UK

“As a dad approaching 40 who travels a lot and wants to enjoy time with my family, exercise and nutrition has taken on a more important and less superficial meaning for me. Living in the UK means seeking out SNAAK Bars but its worth it to know that I have the best, natural, tastiest, fuel for the adventure each day brings, be that a bike ride, swim, game of soccer with the kids, or just a convenient superfood kick when traveling.”

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